What We Do ! 

We will search our data Base of Hedge Fund, Insurance Companies and Private Equity Data Bases for specific properties based on your property profile.

If we find a match, we will contact the owners about selling that property to you at the price your specified.

We are not Realtors nor are we associated with any Realty firm, nor do we add a fee into on on top of your offer. Our job is to get your offer accepted at your price.

Unlike Realtors, we are not paid more when you pay more. Our fee is paid exclusively by the Seller. We will never ask you to pay more than your stated offer.

This process eliminates the need to negotiate the price. You set the prices!
Our job is to get your offer accepted.

A large portion of the properties are not listed and have never been listed. This can be a two edged sword.

1. Some owners will want a fast closing and will not be interested in waiting for financing to be approved. These owners are only interested in a fast all cash closing and will insist on closing in 30 days or less. The ability to close fast has a direct impact on how and whether your offer will be accepted.
Your ability to close within 30 Days is essential in getting your offer accepted.

2. Some properties may not qualify for financing due to their conditions or occupancy and vacancy rates.

We provide this service completely free. We only require that you provide essential information for conducting our search for your "Off Market Property".

The entire 6 step process can be reviewed using the link below: